Protecting Boulder County

Begins With Us

East Boulder County United is a community saying no to every single oil and gas permit in Boulder County, Colorado, through direct action trainings, community outreach, and education.


 Our Approach 

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Our points of unity:

  • We have spoken clearly on the issue of oil and gas development and it is resolved that we do not want drilling in Boulder County under any circumstances. It is a violation of the land, the health of our families, and the well-being of our communities and climate.

  • Any attempt to forcefully move fracking into Boulder County is a violation of our fundamental rights.

  • The laws that seek to remove us from protecting the land, the local environment, the climate, and our right to self govern are in every way immoral and illegitimate.

  • We have the right and obligation to protect the environment, our families, and our communities.

  • All government officials and staff are being asked to side with the people in every capacity, refuse to administer the destruction of the land and its climate, and enforce the will of the community to protect ourselves from any intrusive industry that fails to recognize these fundamental rights.

  • In the event that elected leadership fails to join with the people and the environment, we will protect Boulder County ourselves.

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The brave community members who put their bodies between the fossil fuel industry and the Earth need all of our support.