The Erie Protectors shut down an Anadarko Town Hall

On Wednesday September 27th, 2017, the Erie Protectors shut down a town hall meeting where Anadarko was discussing drilling plans in Erie. The citizens of Erie and Boulder County don't want any oil and gas development, and they have had enough experience with the industry to know that their voices aren't heard through the usual channels. Community members came out to protect the land and water. They filled the hallway outside the meeting room with chants of "No drills, no pipelines, a healthy climate is our right". County Commissioner Elise Jones made an opportunistic appearance, where she attempted to assure people that drilling would only be done using "safe" technology. A chant of "We Rem

Nightmares from Erie

Testimonials from folks in Erie about the health effects of living through the destructive oil & gas development in their neighborhoods

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