Press Statement on Banner Hang on Third Flatiron

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Title: Community members display a 150 foot long banner on the third flatiron imploring, “DO NOT FRACK OPEN SPACE.” Local activists staged this protest to bring awareness to the fact that permits for hydraulic fracking have already been submitted for many acres of Boulder County’s Open Space. The Boulder County Commissioners’ refusal to pass the Climate Bill of Rights and Protections, and thereby ban fracking, effectively signals their tacit approval for drilling on Boulder County Open Space. I. Background for the Action: Fracking permits? On our Open Space? Turn our publicly owned land into a polluted oil field for the next 30+ years? We the people say no. 50 YEARS

Press Statement on Lafayette Moratorium and Regulating Fracking

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Press Statement, East Boulder County United, on City Moratorium and Regulating Fracking October 3, 2017 Press Contact Lafayette City Councilor Merrily Mazza Lafayette resident Theresa Stets Part I: Introduction Part II: Open Letter to Lafayette City Council From East Boulder County United Part III: Statement, Councilor Merrily Mazza Part IV: Legal Statement on Moratorium and Climate Bill of Rights, Karen Breslin PART I: INTRODUCTION Tonight’s moratorium is a capitulation to oil and gas interests planning on drilling Lafayette, and in is written in direct opposition to the Climate Bill of Rights passed by the Lafayette City Council this year. The morator

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