The Martinez Case: Youth take on the COGCC

Eight youth activists request that the COGCC stop issuing permits for hydraulic fracturing until it can be done “without adversely impacting human health and safety and without impairing Colorado’s atmospheric resource and climate system, water, soil, wildlife, and other biological resources.” Wording in the oil and gas act that started the whole thing: § 34-60-102. Legislative declaration (a) It is declared to be in the public interest to: (I) Foster the responsible, balanced development, production and utilization of the natural resources of the state of Colorado in a manner consistent with protection of public health, safety, and welfare, including protection of the environment and wildli

COGCC Clamps Down on Public Comment

The COGCC changed its public comment process to, well, avoid hearing so much from the public. Lately, the amount of public comment has been increasing and it’s interfering with the commission’s ability to safeguard the industry. The summary: 2 hours of public comment at the beginning of each commission hearing; those who don’t get to speak can return at the end of the hearing, which could be the next day Online signup the Wed before a hearing to include a short description of what you’re outraged about and (not required) reference to the docketed item; docketed items are posted online prior to the meeting here Sign up to speak day of hearing; yo

The Rest of the COGCC: In Their Own Words

Bob Randall Representation: Executive Director of Department of Natural Resources (ex-officio voting member) Resident County: Denver Ex officio = member of a body who is part of that body by virtue of holding another office. Lawyer, lives in Denver—his children do not live near oil and gas operations. Was Assistant Director for Energy and Minerals and Federal Lands Coordinator. Before joining DNR, he practiced natural resources law in the areas of energy development, public lands management, and mining. In regard to the Supreme Court ruling against local communities: "The important thing to note is that these lawsuits concern bans and moratoria on oil and gas drilling in local jurisdicti

Get to Know Us: Your Public Servants, The COGCC Commissioners

Here are the public servants charged with 'balancing' the industry’s interests with the public’s health and safety. Note where the thumb is on this scale. Ashley Ager, MS, PG Representation: Substantial soil conservation or reclamation experience Area: West of Continental Divide Resident County: La Plata Political Affiliation: Democrat Term Expires: 7/1/2020 Geologist; Director of Regional Offices for LT Environmental, Inc., which specializes in compliance, engineering and remediation [environmental cleanup] for diverse industries including oil and gas and public and private property owners. Headquartered in Arvada, Colorado, with offices in the DJ, San Juan, Piceance, Uintah, Green R

Earth Protectors Art Build

Inspiring and informative video of Boulder County Protectors working with our friends and Native water protectors Christi Belcourt and Isaac Murdock.

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