Martin Marietta Serves Six Oil & Gas Activists with Supoenas

This is what happens when oil and gas comes to town. "In essence, a fishing expedition for electronic communications between activists," Cliff Willmeng explained. "Although I supported everything that they were doing there in Erie that night, I wasn't even an immediate part of it," he said. "We're not going to be intimidated, we're not going to back down, we are going to protect our families," he said.

Lafayette Pushes Council Back on Drilling Policy

No Drilling Regulations Until November at Earliest After Lafayette community members created an unprecedented takeover of the local city council meeting on June 19, councilors announced plans to delay approval and implementation of drilling regulations until at least November. The announcement came during the Lafayette council meeting July 3, which also saw a significant police presence in response to community members forcing the unplanned conclusion of the prior meeting before council could vote to legalize local drilling. Lafayette council Democrats and community members have been in conflict regarding oil and gas drilling for many years. The council majority, guided by loyalty to party,

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