Write a Letter

Letters to the Editor are an important component of keeping the issue of fracking in front of the public. We want them to flood the papers. These letters give various facts and understandings that will help convince people to stand up to unjust laws that allow the State of Colorado to force local communities to accept poisoning by fracking near their homes and continue the march of global warming to a terrifying future for our children. Thank you for writing.


Many examples of letters to the editor are available on our Press page.


Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before. Here are some tips, support, and specifics:

  1. Write your first draft without thinking about grammar, length, or punctuation. Rather, write from your heart. Write like you are talking to someone. What is it about fracking that really motivates you to work against it?  That same motivation may be sparked in some by your letter.

  2. Next draft, start removing unnecessary or repetitious parts, putting in the grammar and punctuation. Have an eye to keeping it below 300 words - what the Daily Camera requires. Be sure to include a call to action at the end of the letter - such as “Join us at East Boulder County United to act against fracking in Boulder County.”

  3. Have another Protector or other trusted person to read the letter and ask them to give you feedback - such as grammar, what is the best part, what is weak. You can email the group at EastBoCoUnited@gmail.com, or you can email Terra Rafael at wisewomanhood@gmail.com for help.  This step is useful to hone in on the heart of your letter and let it shine.

  4. Below are the publications and their corresponding guidelines/rules.  Please read the particulars closely - most don’t want submissions as an attachment.  

Boulder Daily Camera

The Camera welcomes readers letters. Timely topics of local interest are given first preference. All letters are subject to editing. Our guidelines: Maximum length for letters is 300 words; Name, full address and daytime phone required; No anonymous or open letters; No name-calling or ad hominem attacks ( definition: directed against a person rather than the position they are taking); Each writer limited to one letter or guest opinion in any rolling 30-day period; Submissions must be sent by email. Attachments are discouraged. PDF attachments are strongly discouraged. Write or paste your letter directly into the email window.

Submission Guidelines:  http://www.dailycamera.com/submit

Submission:  Send letter to  openforum@prairiemountainmedia.com


Boulder Weekly


E-mail submissions are processed more quickly, but you may also send letters via snail mail or fax. Letters must not exceed 400 words. Include your name, address and a daytime phone number for verification. We do not publish pseudonyms or anonymous submissions. All letters are subject to editing and become the property of Boulder Weekly for publication as we see fit in the print edition or online.  

Submission Guidelines:  http://www.boulderweekly.com/archives/generalinformation/contactus.html

Submission:  Send letters to letters@boulderweekly.com , or mail them to Boulder Weekly.


Longmont Times Call 


Use the words "open forum" and/or "letter" in the subject line.  The Times-Call accepts letters to our Open Forum, with a maximum of 300 words; and guest opinions, with a maximum of 700 words. Letters must be signed with a first and last name, and for purposes of verification, writers must provide addresses and phone numbers. Guest opinion writers are asked additionally to provide a biographical sentence that will publish with the opinion piece.  Writers will be limited to no more than one published piece in a 14-day period.

Submission Guidelines:  timescall.com/opinion/ci_30418921/how-submit-letter-or-guest-opinion

Submission:  Submit letters through the website or email them to opinion@times-call.com


Colorado Hometown Weekly – Lafayette and Erie

Colorado Hometown Weekly encourages readers to share their views on matters of importance in our communities, state, nation and world. "Speaking Out" submissions measuring 300 words or less and addressing timely topics will be published. Submissions must be signed by the author. For verification purposes, the author's address and telephone number also must be included with the submission. This information will not be published. Letters longer than 300 words will be edited to meet this requirement.

Submission:  Email your letter to CHWeditor@coloradohometownweekly.com

Colorado Independent

Letters must be approximately 500 words, signed and include your town of residence and affiliation, if you are representing the viewpoint of an organization.

Submission:  Send letter to tips@ColoradoConfidential.com


GO FOR IT and Write Your Letter.  We support each other to do all we can to stop fracking and to say NO to corporate greed and government collusion destroying our local communities.