Place Drilling to a Vote:

Climate Bill of Rights on the November Ballot


The Boulder County Commissioners must stop obstructing the will of the people and place the Climate Bill of Rights and Protections on the November ballot. [full bill text]

Just as Colorado defied federal law in legalizing marijuana, the County must defy state law in banning fracking. The vehicle to do this is called a Climate Bill of Rights.

But so far, the County Commissioners have refused to even put such a Climate Bill of Rights on the November ballot. Instead, under their leadership, the County is playing a giant game of musical drills, pushing the drills toward poorer communities and publicly owned open space. Never mind that the negative health effects of fracking span miles beyond the well itself, or that local air pollution naturally sinks toward the City of Boulder. (Let alone that climate change is a global reality that requires our coordinated local resistance, and that sacrificing the poor is not environmentalism.)

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