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Nightmares from Erie

These are testimonials from people in Erie who have lived through the destructive oil & gas development in their neighborhoods over the last few years. We've asked folks to share their experience dealing with the noise, health effects, and other impacts that this unwanted industrial activity has had.

Here is a letter to the Daily Camera from John Lamb introducing these statements: http://www.dailycamera.com/letters/ci_31324039/john-c-lamb-dont-rely-establishment-protect-you.


When the wind blows just right, my wife coughs something awful. I have felt super tired on days the gunk blows over here, which is often. You can smell it in the air.

I can only imagine once more wells get in. We are likely going to move. (what a hassle). They must change the laws. Timothy Cunningham


We have lived in Vista Ridge, Erie Colo for 10 years. We love it here. We are at the corner of Hwy 4 and 5. Just east of the Pratt wells.

The smell has been extremely toxic and the fracking noises are disturbing. My highest concern is about the value of our property. This home is our retirement investment and due to all the activity in Vista Ridge, I know we have already lost 30% of our value.

I think the health issues will be apparent in the coming years and several people I know have moved out of the area due to the increase of oil and gas activity.

Please save our neighborhoods.

Thank you

Paul and Nina Freda


My name is Matt Palmer. My family lives on Bayberry Way in VR. There have been many times when we were unable to go outside or open windows due to awful smells. My wife has also had times when she has a pounding headache that won't go away. This is a new development for her. In addition, this is much harder to prove and may be worthless, but I was diagnosed with lymphoma in March of this year. We were told by a nurse that multiple people in VR have fought cancer recently. Matt Palmer


In addition to lack of sleep, my husband has been experiencing some respiratory issues. The Dr's aren't sure why he is having these issues as he is a healthy person who cycles frequently. they have questioned if it's environmental. He has been given an inhaler to use when needed.



I am a Vista Ridge resident (Lodgepole Dr.) and am writing to support any and all effort to stop, slow down, or eliminate the file and gas intrusion in our surrounding community. Since the recent wells have gone in just to the north of the community, I have noticed a strong sweet chemical smell fairly regularly. I have also noticed increased bouts of dizziness throughout the day. I am frustrated with the noise levels at various times throughout the day and night. It is quite noticeable from our position in the community. And finally, the visual intrusion that the rigs and the sites creates is upsetting and I fear that it ultimately detracts from the value of our homes and community. But, I am mostly concerned with the health of myself, my family and friends and the unknown long term impact fracking and oil and gas drilling will have in the future. Last November I had an unexpected heart attack with no indications or pre warnings (I am 47 and in very good health otherwise; I am not obese, I do not smoke, I am not a drinker, and my diet is very good). I have no idea if any of the stress, the smells, the noise, or the unknown health consequences of the oil and gas industry had a role in the heart attack (doctors could not explain why it occurred either), but going forward I don’t want any outside unknown variables have an impact on my health and right to life. As such and for all the reasons explained and provided above, I strongly support any effort to reduce, remove or ban fracking in and around communities and neighborhoods, Vista Ridge included. Sincerely, Dan Record


We’ve lived in Vista Ridge for over 10 years with no issues. During the past 3 months, I’ve noticed my health is significantly declining at a rapid pace. While I have a diagnosed severe chronic illness, the changes over the past few months go beyond the natural progression of the disease and include unexplained fevers (U of CO has looked into this more than once and found no explanation), off and on coughs, and since they started fracking 10 days ago, a lack of sleep. My son who is 4 also has was diagnosed with croup in the middle of the summer (wrong time of year for that), and he’s an extremely healthy 4 years old off the charts in terms of his stature. Beyond that, the stress this has caused if manifesting itself in poor eating habits, lack of sleep, and tens of thousands of dollars in lost wages (I’m a consultant and bill by the hour). One of my very healthy yellow labs started declining very rapidly in July when they started drilling at the Pratt site. She lost over 20 pounds in a matter of week, fever, cough. Since then her face is swollen with no firm diagnoses even though we’ve taken her to 2 different vets on 3 occasions. I do not believe this is a coincidence.

- Linda


I know my husband already wrote in regarding his concerns about the Fracking in Erie and potential for the surrounding areas, but I also wanted to add what I have personally been experiencing in the last few months:

1. Chronic migraine headaches for my husband. As a matter of fact, this started around 2014 for him. His headaches were so debilitating that we were looking into a CAT Scan for him. I have even had to drive to his work to pick him up, shortly after arriving to work due to the fact that he started vomiting and was having issues seeing. He did seek medical help. We never put two and two together until these last few months.

2. Major sleep deprivation resulting in stress and is hurting us in work and family life with our four children. We can no longer sleep in our front bedrooms because the noise is so loud even with all the windows closed, white noise on and fans running. And forget ever getting to sleep with the windows open with the cool fall air starting to roll in. That is no longer an option.

3. I need an inhaler now. I do not have asthma and have never had upper respiratory issues. This summer I went to the Dr. and complained that I was having shortness of breath and was coughing all the time, especially when I take a deep breath. They did X-Rays and they were clean. However, they gave me an inhaler to use when the coughing episodes or my breathing is consistent or difficult. We happened to leave a few weeks later for the majority of the summer to see both sides of our family in OKC and NJ and guess what, my breathing issues totally cleared up!!! And guess what has started again since we got home in August (about 2-3 weeks after getting back home) My breathing issues and cough!!!

4. Our middle daughter who is 9 years old has started to have multiple nose bleeds a week and she constantly complains about having a sore throat.

5. We would like to move from Erie now and because of the fracking, our home values have dropped. Not sure how long it will take to sell our house or if we can with profit? We have done a lot of upgrades to our home. It is beautiful and just what we wanted because we were planning to stay here until our last kiddo graduated from college. He is three.

I did not sign up to have my family exposed to toxic air as a way of life. We literally cannot get away from it. It is at home, at school and anywhere we go in our area. Fracking should not be permitted within or near townships or near schools. Our State representatives on both sides of the aisle have failed us miserably and our BOT have failed us!

Thank you for helping and trying to fight this.

Please let me know if you need any additional information?




Thank you for passing along our concerns regarding the noise in our neighborhoods, it seems to only be getting worse. Over the last couple of weeks, not only have I been woken up by the noise a couple of nights but so has my three year old and it is becoming increasingly louder and more constant during the evening and into the early hours of the morning. I also have a couple of videos that I took from my back porch (too large to email) and I also have filed a few complaints through the COGCC website as instructed by the Erie Police department. If you require any additional information, please let me know. Thank you again for assisting in making our claims heard.

Warm Regards,

Danielle Green


My family and I have lived in Erie, CO for two and half years. Before moving here none of us had respiratory issues. As of now we all have a constant issue. My husband has had a cough for well over a year. It never goes away. It keeps us both up at night and is a hindering factor at work. My son has had constant "allergy like" symptoms i.e. runny nose as well as bloody noses. Myself I have constant runny nose and phlegm in my throat. I also have had pneumonia and now get sick with respiratory illnesses very frequently. We are starting to think this is in relation to the closeness of fracking in our neighborhood. Kelly Lee


I was told to contact you if I was interested in furthering the conversations about fracking so close to our school (and community). Definitely count me in. I’ve only lived here a month, but I’ve been in Colorado for years, and I would attest to my migraines being worse when I’m hiking/running near fracking sites. We moved here because we didn’t have much of a choice. This was the only way we could afford to live in BVSD and still have a house! People may have “agreed” but a coercive agreement doesn’t hold much water. We’re learning more about the health risks to fracking everyday, and we shouldn’t be held hostage by the poor decisions of people who don’t even live here.

Anne Holland


I'm David L. Johnson and I have lived in Old Town Erie for nearly 40 years. I spend at least 8 hours a day outside working in my gardens and on the exterior of my home, etc...

I ride my bike 5 miles along Coal Creek Trail almost everyday, weather permitting and work out at the Erie Community Center 3-4 times a week. I don't smoke and I'm in good health at 74 years young with the exception of a fracking cough, skin rashes and constant throat irritation. I carry cough drops with me to aide me when I have coughing fits or my throat hurts. This has been an ongoing daily issue for over 5 years now. I live near numerous gas and oil drilling sites and 100's more sites are being fracked in the town of Erie. I have been diagnosed with what the VA doctors have agreed as a fracking cough. The doctors also say breathing the air that contains volatile and invisible carbons, etc... caused by fracking is a concern. My concern is for our children and grandchildren because fracking has caused an increase in asthma, skin rashes, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, other breathing difficulties, coughs, nose bleeds, anxiety and stress, eye and throat irritation to name just a few all because of greed. Fracking also damages the environment immediately and irreparably above the ground and below at our water tables. The oil and gas industries have caused earth quakes and use vast amounts of water. Water is already like gold and the cost of safe drinking water will soon be only for the rich 1%ers. Fracking also effects our wildlife. How can we, "The People," allow such destruction to our Mother Earth and ourselves?

Sincerely, David L. Johnson


I'm a resident of vista pointe in Erie Colorado. I am very disturbed by the intensity of oil and gas operations right within our community. I bought this house largely because of the peace and quiet of living right next to a large open space. The current drilling operations make it seem more like living next to an airport. The noise 24 hours a day is exactly like a jet engine. It makes it difficult to sleep and makes our back deck unusable. I can't imagine what it must be like for the people in the houses closer than mine. This is just an outrageous attack on the health of our community. Thanks for listening.

Tillman Farley


Here are my two sentences.

The constant noise produce by this fracking is affecting our wellbeing. Now we can't relax outside after a long day at work or in the weekends working in my yard. At night we need to close our windows due to the noise. I do not do well with A/C so my sleep has been affected as well. We had to be indoors and with our windows shoot. I can feel how not being able to be outside, sleeping change patterns are affecting my emotional wellbeing. Maybe confidential but I had the worse cough for more than two weeks. I can't remember last time I had a cough. We just moved here about 8 months ago. I would love that somebody who support fracking comes and experience this 24/7 I have not doubt in my mind it will change his/her mind.


We live due west across County Line Rd 1 from the Wooley Beckey Sosa site. My husband and I have experienced headaches, eye irritation, coughing, dizziness, memory loss, lack of sleep ever since they started drilling the site back in November. Once they started fracking, the visible emissions and heat excalated the headaches, eye irritation, lack of sleep and coughing. I was diagnosed with sinus infection and bronchitis. During the majority of this time I was also trying to recover from surgery and the lack of sleep made healing difficult. What has left me very frustrated was the damage to my sinuses and my inability to detect certain odors. This has impacted my profession.


My family and I - husband and and 3 kids have lived in Erie for 9 years. Since we have lived here we all get some pretty horrible respiratory sicknesses a few times a year and we never did before we moved here. It is always exactly the same - starts out as a little bit of a sore throat and moves to lungs and turns into a painful cough for weeks. I always think - I should be immune to this by now - but unfailingly we all have it a few times a year. I think partly it is viral but I am always concerned that we are more susceptible to respiratory sickness because of environmental factors - and living near so much O & G activity. I have had coughs so bad I needed to see a chiro to but my back back into place from coughimg so hard. Nobody in our family has ever had respiratory issue or really even prone to any sickness before. We can't leave our windows open at night anymore because my husband can't breathe well by morning if we do. I love so much about the area but I don't want to raise my kids somewhere their health is being compromised. To think of what the long term effects could be is frightening. We all deserve more. Heather Sabo


In October 2016, Crestone sent out a letter regarding all of the well operations that would be done on a pad directly behind my house. I bought my home in 2012 and was pleased with the quiet neighborhood and my ability to garden in my backyard. Since its inception, the work on the Woolley Becky Sosa site has made it difficult to enjoy my home. I no longer live in a quiet neighborhood nor can I enjoy my backyard. Since October 2016 the following issues have risen for myself and my family directly related to the Wolley Becky Sosa site:

  1. Increase and consistent noise has disrupted my family’s sleep pattern causing sleep deprivation. I have had an increase in headaches. I have had difficulty concentrating. I have a lack of alertness, and have lost a percentage of my problem-solving ability affecting my job.

  2. There is a noticeable change in the smell of the air. There have been numerous days where there is a strong petroleum odor. This makes me nauseated, causes me to have headaches, and induces sinus infections. Myself and my family are no longer able to enjoy our backyard.

  3. Since this has started my husband has been coughing and wheezing where he didn’t have that physical symptom prior (ever), I have started coughing more causing me to have to use an inhaler to help open up lungs (which I never had before) and my animals have gotten sick, coughing as well.

  4. We have noticed a difference in taste in our water. There is now a distinct “pool water” smell and taste.

  5. We have had to make many expensive modifications to our home (INDOORS) in order to sustain any resemblance of normality in our health.

  6. We had to purchase an expensive chemical-specific (fracking chemicals) VOC air purifier to help combat the headaches and sinus infections caused by the Wolley Becky Sosa fracking site.

  7. We have purchased an expensive charcoal filter water system for our home with a reverse osmosis option for drinking water.

  8. We have had to invest in a white noise machine to attempt to drown out the noise that the large diesel trucks make at 3 a.m. when we are trying to sleep.

  9. We have had to invest in blackout blinds and curtains to medicate against the large spot lights that shine over the privacy wall they installed.

The Wolley Becky Sosa fracking site has impeded on the sanctity of my home and property, it has negatively impacted mine and my family’s health and well-being, it has created a financial burden due to the extra (and previously unnecessary) health related equipment that has had to be purchased and it has now hindered any serious thoughts of selling because of the large open fire stack that is clearly visible from my backyard, thus possibly lowering my property value.

P.S. (not part of my paragraph) I did some research and others have helped with this…Creststone is 95% owned by Canada Pension Plan Investment Board so I reached out to an anti-fracking group in Canada that has agreed to help us in any way they can. I will forward you their information in another e-mail. Perhaps they can assist in our cause. Let me know if you have any questions or need anything for this issue.

- Jennifer


• BODY ACHES. Forget the rain. My body can tell me when they’re drilling. It’s horrible, and it’s real. My knees. Back. Feet. Hurt and ache. And the headaches. This is not fiction. This is real life.

• Since fracking has been in full swing in Erie, the noise has been so disruptive to our home, it has resulted in major sleep deprivation resulting in stress and chronic headaches, both of which I’ve sought medical help to treat. I’ll often get up in the middle of the night and move to the back bedroom (away from the front of the house) to avoid hearing the noise. This disruption in sleep is like having a newborn all over again. I didn’t ask for this when I bought this house 2.5 years ago, and certainly wouldn’t have had I known it was coming to our back yards.

• I need an inhaler for extended walks/exercise, as I start having trouble breathing and begin wheezing.

• We moved to Colorado for a cleaner, better life. We’ve moved our children across the country. We’ve built a life here to be close to nature, the mountains. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect toxic air to be pouring in their environment, around their home and their school. Fracking should not be permitted within certain distance of schools. It’s not okay, Colorado. Do better for your citizens, and your Earth. You know better.

Best of luck,



Thank you for collecting impact statements. This has been an unbelievable last few months. I did not realize when I purchased my home and future investment 9 years ago that I would be living in the middle of oil fields. The changes to the landscape have been heartbreaking. However, the affects on the my family's quality of life have been worse.

We are no longer able to sleep at night. The noise sounds like a constant train. Even with ear plugs and fans it can still be heard. In addition, the strong smell of petroleum gas has permeated our summer. We are not able to go outside as often or for as long. It is overwhelming and causes headaches to me and my family.

I can't understand why such a heavily industrial industry would be allowed to drill so close to homes and schools and businesses. I fear that Erie will become like Denton, TX with ruined water and cracked foundations.

Seems like a lot to risk.

Thank you,

Daedre Malone


After several restless night from the noise of the Pratt site in Vista Ridge, it caught up with me on Monday September 18th and I had to take a half a day as a sick day because I was exhausted. This noise is impacting the communities ability to enjoy life, work, and be healthy.


Nicole Gervace


My name is Ronda Prater I have lived in the town of Erie for 37 1/2 years.

I experience the following on a regular basis coughing throughout the day and night, migraine headaches more frequently, fatigue and continuous loss of sleep every night. I never had these problems until a few years ago as more & more of the fracking began. I even bought a new mattress thinking this might be the problem but it didn't change anything.

My brother Christopher Helton who just moved here from Indiana in August has also been experiencing continuous coughing throughout the day and night, unable to breath due to a continuous stuffed up head also fatigue and loss of sleep every night, since moving here. He never had any of the above problems before moving here.


Ronda Prater


Here's a very brief paragraph about how fracking is affecting me. I hope it's suitable for the intended purpose.

The constant drilling and fracking in Erie is stressful and depressing, like living in a war zone. It wears you down. I'm a senior with copd that is well managed but my symptoms became markedly worse after oil and gas activity ramped up about a year ago. I worry about what's in the air we're breathing and what effects it's having on the community's health and well being.

Thank you for all you do,



My cough started about a year ago. It's a persistent, nagging, cough in the bottom of my throat and started when the well activity in Erie started. I am in excellent health, I eat healthy, I exercise routinely, so why now, why is this happening to me? I went to the Doctor and was diagnosed with asthma and now carry an inhaler. Residents in Erie are complaining of respiratory issues, nose bleeds, headaches, and feeling of fatigue. The odors from the drilling and fracking, the noise from the hydrolic fracking are taking a toll on Erie residents.

We just want the drilling and fracking to stop in Erie!

Monica Korber


I moved from Longmont to Erie one year ago. After two months here I developed a dry hacking cough which I have to this day. Over the winter I developed a sinus infection (hadn't had one in 15 years). When I sleep with the windows open I wake with swollen glands and a headache. I now experience PVC's on a daily basis (prior to living in Erie they were about four times a month).

Ayla Ridley


I moved to Erie Village over the summer where the wolloey beck sosa site was conducting completion activities across the street. Me and my family immediately developed coughs and I sometimes woke up in the middle of the night with headaches, burning eyes and experienced gastrointenstinal discomfort the whole time they were working on that site. This did not cease until the fracking activities were completed. We believe this is all directly related to the noxious VOCs emitted from that site since none of us are experiencing any of those symptoms now.


I delivered my son in Boulder (at Foothills Community Hospital). He has had severe asthmatic reactions any time he gets a cold - it literally takes him out. We lived in Boulder from 2014 - 2016 and in 2016, we moved to Erie. Since Logan was born, he has been hospitalized for a week with RSV, bronchiolitis, and rhinovirus (at nine months old) and has visited the urgent care at least four times each year for "reactive airway disease" - he gets really severe asthma attacks whenever he gets sick. He also has frequent nosebleeds. My husband also gets bronchitis a few times a year since we moved here.

I'm also really concerned about the oil and gas activity that could potentially take place near our children's school (Meadowlark in Flatiron Meadows) and am terrified of the pipelines under our homes! It has not been good for home values or for attracting new residents into our neighborhood.

I fear that if we don't get the protections we deserve now, that we'll all end up with cancer in 10 years. I live in fear every day that I'm going to regret moving to this area because it's literally killing us all.

Heather Lofquist


The biggest thing for me and my family right now is lack of sleep, and the extreme psychological stress that causes. Last night is a good example of this: The fracking at Pratt and Waste Connections registered a roar at my home 2,000 feet away at 65 dBa. Even in an industrial zone that would be considered near the high end of acceptable noise. It started in the evening, got a little quieter a few times, started up again until we all left in the morning.

Everything is suffering: They can’t focus at school or perform well in their athletic activities, I can’t focus at work or even have fun playtime with my children because we’re all so tired. I enjoy running in the mornings and until recently was training for my third half-marathon this year. I’m going to have to drop out because I can barely drag myself out of bed in the morning to train, I’m so tired.

My 9 year old daughter has nosebleeds almost daily. I have no idea if they are related, but with all the stench in our neighborhood and how stressed out we all are, it certainly makes you question everything.

Thanks for listening,

Erika Deakin


Hi there! It's another sleepless night! The noise is so loud that my children have asked many times when the helicopter is going to land. The smell is rancid! I can smell it on most days. So much that I'm often reluctant to allow my children to play outdoors. My son and I have experienced severe asthma since the towers went up. For the first time in my life, I had to go to emergency for asthma. It's heartbreaking, so much for our Colorado dream! I hope this helps! Serena Arnold


I was told to contact you if I was interested in furthering the conversations about fracking so close to our school (and community). Definitely count me in. I’ve only lived here a month, but I’ve been in Colorado for years, and I would attest to my migraines being worse when I’m hiking/running near fracking sites. We moved here because we didn’t have much of a choice. This was the only way we could afford to live in BVSD and still have a house! People may have “agreed” but a coercive agreement doesn’t hold much water. We’re learning more about the health risks to fracking everyday, and we shouldn’t be held hostage by the poor decisions of people who don’t even live here.

Anne Holland


Good Morning,

On May 20, 2017 (Erie Town Fair) my daughter (home from Baylor University on summer break) and I arrived home that night to a toxic smell. We witnessed a firetruck on call two houses down. It was explained as we further investigated that the firefighters had been called out for this very reason. My family and I have had sore throats, cold like symptoms, fatigue, and I am currently on antidepressant medication. In the coming weeks after the Town Fair incident, I was on Channel 7 news describing the smell of that evening as well as formal complaints to the Colorado COGCC. Currently there are several new sites in closer proximity and is extremely concerning and stressful on our quality of life. I could elaborate further upon request.

Thank You,

Adrinette PItts


Since all of the fracking sites have been put up, my family is not sleeping. It's not necessary from the noise either. My 17 and 11 year old are waking up, at night, all the time. They never did this before. My husband and I are barely sleeping. I also am home most of the day, and I have been experiencing anxiety and hard time breathing. There were no issues before all of the fracking sites went up. Stacey and Jeff Wysocki Vista Ridge Residents


I'm Vallee Johnson, I live in Old Town Erie. We do not have central air and have always enjoyed the fact that we could get through our beautiful summers using only our swamp coolers. This year I have had to keep our windows closed at night and use an air cleaner continuously. I have fibromyalgia and have been working with a Naturopath for several years in order to improve and just maintain my health. I've been conscientiously eating more healthily and exercising and doing everything I've been instructed to do by both my primary care and my Naturopath. I was improving. I was doing better. And yet, for the past couple of years, since the fracking boom in Erie, my health has been seriously deteriorating. It started with what my primary doctor thought was a sinus infection 2 years ago, which developed into pneumonia and a racking cough for over 6 months. I was treated with antibiotics and my pneumonia was "cured." Since then, however, I have had constant headaches, jitteriness, loss of focus and anxiety with increasing fibromyalgic pain. This year I have had extreme and unexplained bone/muscle weight loss and I've undergone a battery of tests through my primary doctor and they cannot find anything to account for it. Since the extreme weight loss, I've been working more and more with my naturopath who has also had me undergo several other tests and determined that I now have SIBO which is small intestine bacterial overgrowth, my neuro/adrenal levels are not within normal ranges with cortisol levels reversed from "normal" and elevated in evenings causing extreme sleep disturbances. My dopamine levels are tanked causing fatigue and depression and my DHEA level is tanked which may account for the bone/muscle loss. One test found I have pancreatic insufficiency which results in my system not processing my proteins and probiotics and my comprehensive stool test showed that I am passing high levels of fats, proteins and probiotics directly through my stool. My gut shows very tiny amounts of any flora, good or bad even though I have been on a high regimen of probiotics. I do not know how much of this is directly related to constantly breathing the VOC's in our air, but while my mainstream doctor here in Erie will not acknowledge the possible effects on my health of my exposure to our fracking air, my Naturopath agrees it has at least highly compounded my health issues. He wants me to move away from these hazardous environmental toxins. I am working diligently to improve my health and yet I am still unable to put on or hold any weight. From my normal 125 average most of my adult life, I am currently at 97.5 pounds. Vallee Johnson


Thank you for organizing the feedback for the fracking situation in Erie. I greatly appreciate it.

I live in Vista Ridge and am a couple of blocks away from the sites that went up this year. My husband and I work out in the morning in our basement and used to be able to open the window. We are not able to do this now due to the strong odor from the sites. It is strong enough to make me nauseous. I can't imagine that it is healthy to breath.

We have also noticed an increase in the noise that is coming from the sites in the evening and in the early morning hours. This can be heard through the walls of our house. My kids have mentioned having a hard time falling asleep due to the noise. We have migrated indoors several times due to the noise.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need any additional details.

All the best,

Mandy Cox


Thank you for your efforts to organize our complaints.

I haven’t slept well in weeks. I am awakened almost every hour as there is a burst of noise from the wells. Yesterday, I dozed off while driving. I opened my eyes to see that I had veered off into oncoming traffic! Luckily I woke up and didn’t crash into the dump truck headed my way! I have never ever fallen asleep at the wheel before. This is directly related to the fact that I am unable to sleep at night.

Crestone is putting our lives in danger!!



We live behind the Pratt site in Vista Ridge. Our golf course home is situated right behind the 16th green on Colorado National Golf Course.

Our address is 2041 Lodgepole Drive Erie, CO 80516.

Since the sites started popping too close in proximity to residences in Vista Ridge within the few years, we have experienced headaches and nosebleeds. The noise from the sites are louder than the 50 dBa allowed for residences of Erie. Most people are measuring the noise at above 65 dBA from the sites. Along with being awoken at all hours of the night by the fracking noises from the Pratt site and the one currently further out, it is definitely annoying trying to enjoy one's backyard for a bbq or a gathering during the day and evening as the noise levels are similar. In addition to the noise factor there is at times a strong stench of petroleum or other repugnant odors emitting from the proximity of the Pratt site. The evening of 9/17 to 9/18 there was a large black cloud of something emitting from the Pratt site. How is this acceptable?? We have filed numerous complaints over the Spring and Summer, all to no avail.

We can not fathom how the Colorado state government not the town of Erie doesn't do something to cease the drilling and fracking so close to residences. It is unacceptable for the sanity and the health of Erie's residences and to the future appeal of Erie to outsiders researching a move to the town.


Michaela and Mark Drennon


We have been subject to the physical abuse and “peace of mind” harassment from the oil and gas companies for the last 6 months.

We live directly across from the Crestone Peak waste connections site, the Pratt site, and the Temp completions site. We are in Vista Ridge on the 3rd hole of the golf course. We have not been able to enjoy our home and outdoor life at all this summer.

There have been several physical and mental repercussions from the intense fracking activity: 1) Loss of sleep (very high noise level from 3:00 am. through 6:15 am.) . The volume of noise and the strange scrapping sounds keep us up almost every night. 2) The ongoing intense foul chemical smell has caused us headaches lasting for days. 3) The intense mental anxiety over the unknown chemicals we are breathing, the noxious smell, and the constant noise have caused anxiety disorders and affected our work and home life.

We have asked for chemical data sheets from the oil companies and they have refused to give us the information. Our local fire department does not have the information either. In the case of a fire they would not know what chemicals to fight the fire with to remedy the situation effectively.

Please help.

Kelly O’Neil


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