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Standing Rock artists hosting weekend of art-making, music, and story-telling against oil and gas de

Colorado Indigenous and community environmental groups will be hosting internationally renowned Native artists Isaac Murdoch and Christi Belcourt for a weekend of art making, music and Native story telling. The artists, part of the Onaman Collective, have become synonymous with the visual images of the First Nations struggle at Standing Rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Their art and efforts have focused on the empowerment of Indigenous communities and protecting the environment. The arrival of Murdoch and Belcourt comes at a time when communities across Colorado’s front range are renewing the fight against thousands of potential oil and gas wells.

“This movement for healthy water and earth is not just an indigenous movement; it has to involve everybody,”

~Christi Belcourt

The weekend will begin in Longmont, Colorado, where the artists will lead a workshop to craft banners and other works inspired by Native resistance to colonialism and environmental destruction. The art will be used by grassroots groups fighting to protect the local land from new oil and gas drilling and other destructive industrial projects and to draw attention to indigenous struggles across North America.

“It’s no longer good enough to toe the line with corrupt governments and their immoral corporate sponsors, it’s our collective moral obligation to step over that line and dismantle the power structures that allow their greed and corruption to poison our Mother Earth and our families.”

~ Doug Red Hail Pineda of Spirit Horse Nation

The Saturday art build will move to Lafayette for an evening of story-telling and Native music at East Simpson Coffee. The art build will reassemble Sunday for a second day of art making, communication and discussion.

“We are humbled and deeply thankful for this weekend of creation and resistance as frontline community members. The conflict between the oil and gas industry and the government that protects it has become too deadly for the world, and we are excited to welcome Christi and Isaac to Colorado's Front Range to help us protect the people and planet.”

~ Cliff Willmeng, East Boulder County United

All events are open to the public. People that would like to join in the art build, please RSVP to: EastBoCoUnited@gmail.com. No RSVP needed for the Saturday music and story telling event.

“It’s time to wake up! It’s time to educate others! It’s time to fight for those who aren’t here yet, for our future! Because this isn’t just a Lakota problem. This isn’t just a Native American problem, or even an American problem. This is the entire human race – That’s who we are fighting for!"

~Matene Strikes First, 17, H.O.M.E Youth Advocate and Ojibwe/Dakota Founder of 7th Generation Youth Council

More information:

Onaman Collective: http://onamancollective.com

Spirit Horse Nation: https://www.spirithorsenation.org

East Boulder County United: EastBoCoUnited.org

The workshops and storytelling/music evening are FREE to participants but please help East Boulder County United Fund this terrific event! Thank you!


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