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Press Conference - After Trespass Charge Disposition Hearing

David Paul of the Suede Light Brigade, his attorney Andy McNulty of Killmer, Lane & Newman LLP, and Merrily Mazza of the Lafayette City Council spoke after Paul entered a not-guilty plea at the Boulder Municipal Courthouse on December 11, 2017 for a trespassing charge issued while shining two lights on the Boulder County Courthouse on November 7, 2017.

"The very government that is working to bring fracking to Boulder County is now shutting down peaceful protest and stopping public discussion on this issue.

These sanctions make it clear that we have now stepped outside the box of what is considered an acceptable response.

The Boulder county government needs our actions to be controlled and predictable, because it is their function to keep the public in the dark, in a state of ignorance, so they can carry out their agenda to bring fracking to Boulder County. This cannot stand."

The Boulder Daily Camera and Longmont Times-Call also reported on the hearing today.



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