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COGCC Clamps Down on Public Comment

The COGCC changed its public comment process to, well, avoid hearing so much from the public.

Lately, the amount of public comment has been increasing and it’s interfering with the commission’s ability to safeguard the industry.

The summary:

  • 2 hours of public comment at the beginning of each commission hearing; those who don’t get to speak can return at the end of the hearing, which could be the next day

  • Online signup the Wed before a hearing to include a short description of what you’re outraged about and (not required) reference to the docketed item; docketed items are posted online prior to the meeting here http://cogcc.state.co.us/reg.html#/hearings

  • Sign up to speak day of hearing; you’ll be heard if there’s time or if you can return later

  • Commission can move your comments on a specific docketed item to another time other than public comment—to the time the commission actually considers the item

  • You can submit online comments or emails if you assume someone will read and consider them

  • Click Here for additional details

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