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2018 Erie Nightmares

Coyote pad in Erie

These are testimonials from people in Erie who have lived through the destructive oil & gas development in their neighborhoods. We asked folks to share their experience dealing with the impacts that this unwanted industrial activity has had.

I shared my experience with you recently about living near the Pratt site. Now, I will share with you my experience living through the Coyote Pad site. What a journey we are on Erie! I begged my husband to move last summer when Pratt popped up. Honestly, the toxic smells and sounds were just an annoyance for me. My primary concern has always been for the health of my children. We have been sick, people get sick, right?! My children have experienced unexplained rashes, sinus infections, chronic cough, asthma, bronchitis and even reoccurring stomach pains. I don’t know if this is just life with kids, or possibly because we have lived within a half mile of fracking for the past year.

I have stayed awake many nights researching, feeling like we are sitting ducks waiting for evidence to prove proximity to wells has a correlation to what we have been experiencing. Well, today it came! The latest research published has a picture of my neighborhood. That’s my life! That’s my children’s life they are talking about! I can’t believe how negligent our policy makers have been in protecting our health. Our children are at risk and dirty money has taken priority of our families health. I am ready to leave our families investment at any cost. My husband doesn’t share my need for urgency. This is effecting our health, safety, and our marriage. This is our livelihood! I didn’t buy my home understanding the future of oil in my new town. I certainly would have never made the decision to invest in a place that posed a threat to my families health or lives savings. The citizens of Erie have been robbed and unfortunately my dear neighbors of Vista Ridge have carried the brunt of the burden.




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Testimonials from folks in Erie about the health effects of living through the destructive oil & gas development in their neighborhoods