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Colorado Residents to Restaurant/Microbrewery The Post: Remove Hickenlooper Beer or Face Boycott

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East Boulder County United, Lafayette, Colorado

Date: March 30, 2019

Colorado Residents to Restaurant/Microbrewery The Post: Remove Hickenlooper Beer or Face


Community-based environmental organization East Boulder County United demands local Lafayette, Colorado, restaurant and microbrewery remove its new beer, “Hickenlooper American

Ale,” or face a boycott.

The Post’s announcement of its new beer, being ridiculed and attacked across local social media for featuring prior Colorado governor and now US presidential contender John Hickenlooper, is drawing ire for Hickenlooper’s long-time alliance with Colorado’s oil and gas industry, a collaboration resulting in massive backyard drilling operations and parents testing their children’s blood for benzene. The company’s announcement of the new beer appeared on The Post’s Facebook page on Friday, March 29, and drew over 100 negative resident comments within hours.

Both Lafayette and Longmont Colorado, where The Post has two restaurants, have been at the center of the fight against oil and gas drilling for years, a fight in which Hickenlooper consistently supported the oil and gas industry over his own constituents. Both cities were sued by the Colorado Oil and Gas association (COGA) when community members adopted local charter amendments banning fracking within city limits. Then-governor John Hickenlooper widely supported and encouraged these industry lawsuits and even piled on by having the state of Colorado itself sue the city of Longmont over Longmont’s fracking law.

Hickenloooper Threatens to Sue Any Town, City That Bans Fracking

The Post and its parent company, Boulder-based Big Red F Restaurant Group, show themselves profoundly insensitive to the communities where they do business and the customers who live there.

East Boulder County United and community members who suffer the impacts of neighborhood drilling call out The Post for promoting John Hickenlooper, such a damaging and reckless individual and now-presidential aspirant, during our fight for the environment and community rights in this climate emergency.


“When I see The Post’s support of well-known oil and gas drilling enabler Hickenlooper, it reminds me that they’re not really a friendly local business concerned about their neighbors and their environment. They’re a big corporation playing the same game as Hickenlooper, chasing profits above all other considerations”

Patricia Townsend, Lafayette Colorado

“It’s a tone-deaf tribute to a man who helped to kill our local, democratically-created ban on fracking, which was designed to protect our hometown and the climate. I’ll never support anything promoting that man.”

Lily Mast, Longmont Colorado

“John Hickenlooper manipulates a false image as a “common guy” and rides his political ambitions on the back of a rapacious industry threatening communities all over Colorado. It’s a deep insult to the brave citizens of our little town, who have successfully stood up in opposition to that exploitation, to see The Post’s shameless and oblivious promotion of John Hickenlooper.”

Marty Feffer, Lafayette

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