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East Boulder County United

Date: January 11,2020

BOULDER COUNTY, CO - The bold environmental activists who put their bodies on the line at the 2020 Colorado State of the State address to bring out public voice against the reckless oil and gas policies of the Democratic Party leadership in Colorado should not be in jail or facing legal penalties. They are representing the interest and wellbeing of the people of this state with more integrity and more immediately in the face of climate and ecologic collapse than anyone currently holding public office.

Democratic Governor Polis, to whom the message of the action was directed and who adopts an environmental image, mandates oil and gas extraction and continuation of permits for new wells. As long as this shameless duplicity continues all charges against protest his actions engender should be forthwith dropped, in the interest of democracy and genuine response to impending crisis.

The Boulder County Commissioners should not be threatened or shamed by this citizen empowerment, but inspired. Show up to represent your constituents and demonstrate your jurisdiction’s solidarity with the movement for rights of communities for self-determination, direct action to protect the rights of Nature, and an end to a fossil-fuel extractive economy. Ban fracking and new oil and gas wells in Boulder County.

Since 2012, East Boulder County United (EBCU) has advocated for a full ban on fossil fuel extraction and the rights of local communities to enact and enforce their own laws to do so, never wavering from this position. In support of the arrested members of local chapters of Extinction Rebellion, Sunrise Movement, and the other groups and individuals involved, and for the principles for which they have made their actions and statements, EBCU is contributing $1,000.00 to their legal defense.

Although supportive of previous setback ballot initiatives, EBCU declares that current initiatives critically undermine the movement toward a fracking ban in Boulder County and across the state. These initiatives do not address the climate emergency and are politicized measures that do not reflect current scientific findings regarding health, safety, and critical temperature-rise across the globe.

Incremental changes and toothless regulating, promoted by a greenwashing NGO-machine, have proven to be ineffectual compromises that force false hopes and pacify the threat of citizen rebellion in the face of their world burning with the dependence on fossil fuel. In this era of global extinction, now is the time to demand an adherence to clear scientific facts. Fossil fuels extraction compromises health, safety, and the future of our planet. The effects of the body of evidence cannot be minimized or survived by fruitless efforts to keep the poison a couple thousand feet away from homes and schools.

EBCU calls for an immediate ban on an extractive economy and all its methods and instruments; immediate release with no charge of the 38 activists arrested at the Colorado State of the State address; repeal of Colorado SB 19-181 and the Colorado Oil and Gas Act; and a statewide citizen convention to decide rights-based, community laws of regulation to replace them.

East Boulder County United Narrative

We have spoken clearly on the issue of oil and gas development and it is resolved that we do not want drilling in Boulder County under any circumstances. It is a violation of our land, the health of our families, and the wellbeing of our communities and climate.

Any attempt to forcefully move fracking into Boulder County is a violation of our fundamental rights.

The laws that seek to remove us from protecting our land, our local environment, and our right to self-govern are in every way immoral and illegitimate.

We have the right and obligation to protect our environment, our families, and our communities.

All government officials and staff are being asked to side with the people in every capacity, refuse to administer the destruction of our land, and enforce the will of the community to protect ourselves from any intrusive industry that fails to recognize these fundamental rights.

In the event that elected leadership fails to join with the people and the environment, we will protect Boulder County ourselves.

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