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Initiative 174 bites the dust

Initiative 174 was a bill, just like previous bills, that called for restrictions on fracking but did not ban it. The restrictions/regulations in these bills establish the “legal” level of harm and shield corporations from responsibility –– meanwhile, the drilling continues.

EBCU has never believed in an incremental approach –– and, given the climate crisis, it is clear that we don’t have time for that now. 

Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss

On the surface 174 sounded good! And if electronic petitioning had succeeded it would have been a boon to the anti-fracking movement. But what if our governor had proposed electronic petitioning, knowing full well that it would get blocked? Then he would appear as a reasonable guy… on ‘our’ side all along, when in fact… his priorities lay elsewhere as he has demonstrated time and again. Right on cue, this bill (another distraction) has failed and the drilling continues.

Of the people, by the people, for the people

EBCU believes in a Community Rights approach that respects Mother Nature and natural ecosystems. This perspective empowers the people to defend our right to clean air and water, our right to be free from chemical trespass, and our right to peaceful enjoyment of home. This means banning fracking altogether. 

The system is rigged

EBCU will continue to concentrate our energy on raising awareness of a fundamental conviction: the rights of the people in a community are superior to the court-bestowed rights of a corporation. Furthermore, the state has no authority to license corporations to violate those rights.

EBCU’s intent is to disseminate knowledge of Community Rights, on both local and state levels. The people in our municipalities have not surrendered their right to self-government. We need step to up, reawaken our sovereignty and self-determination, educate ourselves, and our local elected representatives.

Community Rights include environmental rights, such as the right to clean air, pure water, and healthy soil; worker rights, such as the right to living wages and equal pay for equal work; rights of nature, such as the right of ecosystems to flourish and evolve; democratic rights, such as the right of local community self-government, and the right to free and fair elections.

Please join us.

Learn more: Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

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