Six Things to Know about Fracking in Boulder County


In the absence of organized resistance, Boulder County will get fracked

The moratorium on drilling ended in Boulder County in May 2017. Since then, at least two companies have begun the process to drill Boulder.

Check out our interactive map of the latest drilling proposals.


Regulations cannot make fracking safe

The explosion and deaths in Firestone happened under a system of "safely regulated fracking." Environmental “regulations” legalize toxins and other deadly hazards that would otherwise be illegal. They regulate the level of harm; they don’t stop it.

Elected officials enforce unjust laws that guarantee our communities get fracked


Elected officials have greater loyalty to their political parties and to the current structure of law than to their constituents. They enforce the unjust laws that guarantee their communities get fracked.  They maintain order at the expense of democracy.


The current system of law was designed by and for the very corporations its legal doctrines protect,  It insulates corporations from local democratic control. It confers more rights on corporations that on living, breathing people. It quashes local democracy. It requires us to sacrifice ourselves, our families, our health, and our environment to ensure industry profits.

Watch So Your Community is Going to be Fracked, Mined, Factory Farmed, or fill in the blank...

Without community rights, corporations will continue to have more rights than people

The current system of law violates our fundamental rights


As a community, it is up to us to challenge this system of law as a violation of our fundamental rights—our right to clean air, clean water, a healthy climate, and a sustainable energy future for ourselves and our children. 

Like every other movement for justice, we must take a courageous stand

We are not helpless, and we are not powerless.  We do not have to “collaborate,” “engage in conversation,” remain obedient to public officials and industry, and negotiate the terms of our own surrender. Every movement for social and environmental justice (slavery, civil rights, women’s suffrage, labor movement, women’s movement, environmental movement, LGBTQ rights and more) starts with the people, not with elected officials—people who take a courageous stand and say no.  No more.